Running with the horses

Jer 12:5”If thou have run with the footmen and they have wearied thee,then how can you
contend with horses?…”

In the year 2008 I was doing a coaching course at the University of Stellenbosch.I then
saw an advertisement about a certain course that really drew my attention. The university
were presenting a new leadership course.This course was a very practical course and
the classroom was a stable,yes a stable.Students were about to have a close encounter
with horses to learn some vital leadership lessons.The words in Jeremiah now became
much clearer to me,If the footmen wearies you out how on earth can you run with the
horses.Ibelieve that God has destined us to run with the horses.We however run with
people who only makes us tired.They are high maintenance.They cannot challenge
you,stretch you or push you to a higher level.They became jealous because of your
achievement and success.This is the reason why many people are tired and frustrated
because they know they can do better or even go higher.The fact is we sometimes
determine our own race.We determine our friendships and alliances.The guy at the pool
was sitting there for 38 years between people that was on the same level that he was.He
was running with the same crowd.For 38 years he struggled to get his healing because
they were tiring him out.Everytime he wanted go to the pool somebody else got in
before him.Jesus at the age of 12 was running with the horses,he was sitting amongst the

If ever we want to achieve big we have to start running with the horses.The word contend
means to compete on a higher level,to increase our capacity.This is a day to step up
higher and to increase our capacity.This is a year to do some analysis and to see if your
current relationships are just making you tired or are they pushing you to the next level.In
my life I needed to cut myself loose from some relationships that was just draining
me.I then made a conscious decision to walk with people that were on a higher level.I
begin to contend with horses.The question now is,but why horses?Why must I run with
horses?There are several reasons why you have to shift,why you have to change your

1)Horses have a complex brain making them animals of intelligence and instinct
Its important to walk with people who can stretch us intellectually.People with more
wisdom,understanding and knowledge than ourselves.Daniel and his friends, the Bible
says were well read in all literature.If you are the smartest person in the room you
definitely are in the wrong room.

2)Horses have an extremely well developed sense of direction
You have to walk with people of discipline.People who know where they are going in
life,people of purpose and direction.These type of friends will help you to stay focus.

3)Horses have high,large eyes
Horses have excellent day/night vision.We have to surround ourselves with people with
great vision.People who can see their future even though they go through night times.Do
you have a great vision for your life?God enabled me to became friends with some of the

greatest leaders and pastors.Every time that I talked to them I am pushed to a higher level
concerning my vision.

4)Horses rarely attack and they have good hearing
Its important to run with people who are not fighters.People who have the grace to
maintain and keep relationships.People who are not confrontational but who walks in
peace.They also have great sensitivity ,they hear the inaudible.

5)Horses has an advance sense of taste
Horses don’t just eat anything.We have to walk with people who have great taste.They
don’t settle for just anything.They are carefull what they eat.They have great discernment
and avoid things that can harm them.

I pray that for 2012 that we will not allow the footmen to make us tired.People who just
want to cricize and complain but they are high maintenance.May we step up higher and
begin to run with the horses.Go and finish your matric,diploma or degree.Write that
song or play.Start that business or write that book.Its a fact that more time,energy and
concentration are spend in the “lift off”phase of a space shuttle.There are2 vital things to
overcome,gravity and the atmosphere.May you break the powers of gravity that keep on
pulling you down.This year has to be the year of your Lift off!!Free from people who just
drain you but they cannot propel you to greater heights.You are a child of the King and
you are destined for greatness.

Eccl 10:7”I have seen servants on horses while princes walk on the ground
Like servants”


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