Victory Church 10 Year Celebration …but by you grace…

March 2011 marked the 10 year celebration of Victory Church Macassar, previously known as Victory Worship Centre. The Celebration started on Wednesday 16 of March where the Bishop Gary Miracle Founder of Victory International Fellowship, Harrogate Tennessee opened with the theme: “But by Your Grace…”Covering topics like: Advancing the Kingdom; Understanding Grace; The Family Unit end on the Saturday with a marriage seminar

Bishop Neil Williams

10 years signifies DOUBLE GRACE and to celebrate our double grace Victory Church held their 1st annual celebration concert on Friday 18 March 2011 at the Macassar school hall. The 900 seater school was filled to the limit as the community listened to the likes of Dumisani, Neville D, Lluwelyn Simons, Justene Josias (Supersterre), Evergreen, Trevor Sampson (Restoring the Sound), Karin Kortjie and Macassar’s very own Frankie and Marika (Victory Church), also hosting this event was Quinton Manuel (Love fm) and Victory Church’s Denielle Williams. To end off the night was a 15min live fireworks show on sports ground lighting up Macassar in celebration of our 10 years of ministry.

On the Saturday after our week long celebration Victory Church capped their 1st and 2nd year bible students in the Victory Church with ceremony where the family and friends of the student attended to witness as their beloveds were capped by our overseer Bishop Gary Miracle.

On the 20th of March the last day of Victory Church’s 10 year celebration of ministry we celebrated in elegance at the NH Lord Charles Hotel for a gala event were all the members and their family and friends attended in their finest ball gown attire.

It is only by the grace of God that Victory Church is still standing…

From the desk of Bishop Neil Williams


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