“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try
just one more time” Thomas Edison

The road to success is always a process and it’s always under
construction. Nothing in life just come easy there are mountains to climb.
Who is Marilyn? some call me Mel or just Mellie
In a nutshell; I grew up in a very small one bedroom house with eight
family members. It was tough because my dad was unemployed with a
heart problem and couldn’t work for us , so my mom had to go char and
we were so dependable on what little money and food she got . I can still
remember when it was Christmas time I had to wear a second hand dress
with shoes that were too small because there was nothing else. I still have
the evidence on my feet of those shoes, but through it all He was with me.

Well it got worse when father and sons abused alcohol and the outcome
was always fighting and unpleasant times in the home. I became a nervous
wrecked because the atmosphere in the home was so loaded with fear and

I passed matric with very low symbols; not wanting to show it to anybody.
I was ashamed and hid it so far that no one could find it. I settled to work
at a café for a R70 a week. I had a low self-esteem, and always found it
difficult to speak in front of a crowd. Due to all the negativity around me I
developed complex issues, always finding fault with my appearance. It was
when two of my high school friends visited the café where I worked, saw
me behind the counter. They started to make giggled to the fact that I was
a cashier and they were studying toward becoming teachers. I gathered
all my courage that day, and decided I need to take charge of my current
situation. The options were very few at the time and teaching seem to be
the best. The first term was already approaching towards it end, and the
possibilities that my application will be considered. “Many are the plans
in a man’s heart, but the Lord always gives the answer.” The Lord came
through for me, despite the fact that I was an unbeliever at the time.

I made a promise to God; if He sees me through my first year of college I
will accept him as my personal Lord and Saviour. The thought of being a
college student somehow made me belief things at home will get easier, but
instead it got worst. I had to use an oil lamp and candles for light. Certain
mornings my mom would go lend train fare to get me to college. Despite
all my set-backs I passed my first year with amazingly good symbols. As I
held my results in my hand, I was reminded of that day when I made a

promise to God. A hunger was stirred in my inner being to commit to that
promise. I belong to an affiliation that had different Christian values. That
same period I was invited to attend a youth camp, where I had an encounter
with God. It was from that time onwards He became my Lord and Saviour.
HE works in ways unknown to us.

Things started to change in my life, I received my teaching diploma. I stood
with the question now that I have a college diploma, where to from here? I
need to find a job; the Lord used one of my friends, who just got a job as a
teacher at a primary school. She spoke to the principal and asked if there
were still positions available? He informed her that I need to contact the
school the following day. At the age of 21, I was shivering over the phone
not knowing what to say or expect talking to the principal. At the end of
the telecommunication an interview was schedule. Success was reached,
I got the job. It was a walking distance from my house, thank you Lord for
your immeasurable favour.

Perseverance; is what got me to pursue my Higher Diploma in Education.
By the age of 30 I walk down the altar, to marry the man I’m destined to
spend the rest of my life with. People would ask me Marilyn when you
are getting married. The Lord had the best in store for me, by some he
is known as pastor, apostle, bishop, but to me he is just plain and humble
Vincent. Two lovely kids were born out of this beautiful marriage blessed
by God. He encourages and pushed me go for my dreams, never to give up.
It was fear that kept me from achieving a lot of things, one of it was to get
my drivers license. My husband would motivate me to keep on trying, until
I eventually got it at the age of 40.

Achievements I attain to date;
Holding a Bed Hons degree
Lead Teacher
Acting HOD at my current school
Commissioner of Oaths/ marriage officer
Principal of my own educare centre
Motivational speaker
Together with my husband we oversee a congregation.

Some nuggets for the future
1. Get determined : If you’re determined enough , nobody – no evil force from hell ,
no person on earth – can stop you from being successful . I’ve missed more than 9000

shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game
winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I

Michael Jordan

2. Breaking the barriers of the past : No matter what you’ve gone through in the
past , no matter how many setbacks you’ve suffered or who or what has
tried to thwart your progress , today is a new day and God wants to do a
new thing in your life. He has great things in store for you. Don’t let your
past determine your future. Yesterday is in the tomb , today is the womb ,
and you are pregnant with your future. Jer. 29 v 11

3. Don’t curse your crisis : Don’t curse your crisis , because on the other side
of your greatest crisis is your greatest miracle. On the other side of your
greatest battle is your greatest breakthrough. What we gain in the fire is

more precious than what we lose. 1 Peter 1v7

4. Change your mindset : Switch off the defeat channel, switch off the who
hurt me channel, switch off the I come from the wrong family channel,
switch off I cannot speak right channel, switch off from the nothing will
come right channel , switch off from the despair and hopelessness channel.
Turn them off and switch to the victory channel “ I can do all things
through Christ that strengthen me , My God shall apply all of my needs, All
things are possible, I am highly favoured” Rom. 12 v2

5. Celebrate yourself : Celebrate your high and your lows, compliment
yourself , encourage yourself , smile often to yourself , don’t stagnate but
move forward. Remember every setback is a setup for your comeback.

It’s not over until God says it’s over !!!

Marilyn Alexander
Mobile : 0723451752
e-mail :

Graduation 2010
BedHons degree


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