Christian youth magazine called youth translation with the slogan letting the youth speak.

The magazine was first released in Feb 2012 and the Lord is amazing , the way he is placing people on my way to help and support me in this journey.

This magazine is for local people that do wonders for the Lord but never get the much deserved help or support from others. We only focus on people in our communities ,people that you and I know so we can relate to their circumstances. We want to tell people out there, that there are people who went through the same trials and suffered more than you have and they made in life , so just keep on keeping on and trust God no matter what may come your way. We are kingdom minded and not focusing on a church minded person we want you to stretch your mind and walk in joy and free full of God and just enjoying your walk as a Kingdom Ambassador

Although its called Youth Translation its not only for the youth. Senior leaders can also speak to the youth via testimonies teachings or maybe a encouragement  or two , we also make sure that there always enough pictures in the magazine so maybe see a neighbor, friend, well known artist etc in the magazine.

We are nor connected to ant church reason for this is to cater for every one and not to promote a church but the Kingdom of God.

We are currently a subscription based company so it will be easier for you to receive the magazine than to go out and look for it.

We would like you to be part of our walk so we can grow together and reach more souls for One God Jesus Christ


2 thoughts on “About

  1. AWESOME STUFF MAN! This is just what wee need in a day like this….. There is way to much negative reading material in a already negative world. This Magazine, I believe will touch so many lives and encourage our youth of today that we are not alone, we will not be labeled as failures anymore but we WILL ARISE AND SHINE!

    Thanks so much for the initiative here, David and team! MAY GOD TAKE YOU FROM STRENTH TO STRENGHT!

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